Task Reference

[This is preliminary documentation and subject to change.]

Task Summary
al Wraps al.exe, the assembly linker for the .NET Framework.
asminfo Generates an AssemblyInfo file using the attributes given.
attrib Changes the file attributes of a file or set of files and directories.
available Checks if a resource is available at runtime.
aximp Generates a Windows Forms Control that wraps ActiveX Controls defined in an OCX.
call Calls a NAnt target in the current project.
cl Compiles C/C++ programs using cl.exe, Microsoft's C/C++ compiler.
copy Copies a file or set of files to a new file or directory.
csc Compiles C# programs.
cvs Executes the cvs command specified by the command attribute.
cvs-changelog Produces an XML report that represents the cvs changes from the given start day, to a given end date.
cvs-checkout Checks out a CVS module to the required directory.
cvs-export Exports a cvs module in preperation for a release (i.e. the CVS version folders are not exported).
cvs-pass Executes the cvs login command which appends or updates an entry to the specified .cvspass file.
cvs-rtag Tags all sources in the remote repository with a given tag.
cvs-tag Tags all local sources with the specified tag.
cvs-update Updates a CVS module in a local working directory.
delay-sign Signs delay-signed .NET Assemblies, or re-signs existing assemblies.
delete Deletes a file, fileset or directory.
description An empty task that allows a build file to contain a description.
echo Writes a message to the build log or a specified file.
exec Executes a system command.
fail Exits the current build by throwing a BuildException, optionally printing additional information.
foreach Loops over a set of items.
get Gets a particular file from a URL source.
gunzip Expands a file packed using GZip compression.
if Checks the conditional attributes and executes the children if true.
ifnot The opposite of the if task.
ilasm Compiles ILASM programs.
ildasm Disassembles any portable executable (PE) file that contains intermediate language (IL) code.
include Includes an external build file.
jsc Compiles JScript.NET programs.
lib Run lib.exe, Microsoft's Library Manager.
license Generates a .licence file from a .licx file.
link Links files using link.exe, Microsoft's Incremental Linker.
loadfile Load a text file into a single property.
loadtasks Loads tasks form a given assembly or all assemblies in a given directory or <fileset>.
mail Sends an SMTP message.
mc Compiles messages using mc.exe, Microsoft's Win32 message compiler.
midl This tasks allows you to run MIDL.exe.
mkdir Creates a directory and any non-existent parent directory if necessary.
move Moves a file or set of files to a new file or directory.
nant Runs NAnt on a supplied build file, or a set of build files.
nantschema Creates an XSD File for all available tasks.
ndoc Runs NDoc V1.3.1 to create documentation.
nunit Runs tests using the NUnit V1.0 framework.
nunit2 Runs tests using the NUnit V2.2 framework.
property Sets a property in the current project.
rc Compiles resources using rc.exe, Microsoft's Win32 resource compiler.
readregistry Reads a value or set of values from the Windows Registry into one or more NAnt properties.
regasm Registers an assembly, or set of assemblies for use from COM clients.
regex Sets project properties based on the evaluatuion of a regular expression.
regsvcs Installs or removes .NET Services.
resgen Converts files from one resource format to another.
script Executes the code contained within the task.
servicecontroller Allows a Windows service to be controlled.
setenv Sets an environment variable or a whole collection of them. Use an empty value attribute to clear a variable.
sleep A task for sleeping a specified period of time, useful when a build or deployment process requires an interval between tasks.
solution Compiles VS.NET solutions (or sets of projects), automatically determining project dependencies from inter-project references.
style Processes a document via XSLT.
sysinfo Sets properties with system information.
tar Creates a tar file from the specified filesets.
tlbexp Exports a .NET assembly to a type library that can be used from unmanaged code (wraps Microsoft's tlbexp.exe).
tlbimp Imports a type library to a .NET assembly (wraps Microsoft's tlbimp.exe).
touch Touches a file or set of files -- corresponds to the Unix touch command.
tstamp Sets properties with the current date and time.
untar Extracts files from a tar archive.
unzip Extracts files from a zip archive.
uptodate Check modification dates on groups of files.
vbc Compiles Visual Basic.NET programs.
vjc Compiles Visual J# programs using vjc, Microsoft's J# compiler.
xmlpeek Extracts text from an XML file at the location specified by an XPath expression.
xmlpoke Replaces text in an XML file at the location specified by an XPath expression.
zip Creates a zip file from the specified filesets.