Gets a particular file from a URL source.

Options include verbose reporting and timestamp based fetches.

Currently, only HTTP and UNC protocols are supported. FTP support may be added when more pluggable protocols are added to the System.Net assembly.

The usetimestamp option enables you to control downloads so that the remote file is only fetched if newer than the local copy. If there is no local copy, the download always takes place. When a file is downloaded, the timestamp of the downloaded file is set to the remote timestamp.

Note: This timestamp facility only works on downloads using the HTTP protocol.


Attribute Type Description Required
dest file The file where to store the retrieved file. True
src string The URL from which to retrieve a file. True
httpproxy string Deprecated. If inside a firewall, proxy server/port information Format: {proxy server name}:{port number} Example: proxy.mycompany.com:8080 False
ignoreerrors bool Deprecated. Log errors but don't treat as fatal. The default is false. False
timeout int The length of time, in milliseconds, until the request times out. The default is 100000 milliseconds. False
usetimestamp bool Conditionally download a file based on the timestamp of the local copy. HTTP only. The default is false. False
failonerror bool Determines if task failure stops the build, or is just reported. The default is true. False
if bool If true then the task will be executed; otherwise, skipped. The default is true. False
unless bool Opposite of if. If false then the task will be executed; otherwise, skipped. The default is false. False
verbose bool Determines whether the task should report detailed build log messages. The default is false. False

Nested Elements:


The network proxy to use to access the Internet resource.



The network credentials used for authenticating the request with the Internet resource.



The security certificates to associate with the request.




Assembly: NAnt.Core (0.90.3780.0)